Making Brands Meaningful.

Sign Salad is a semiotics and cultural insight agency offering high-level thinking for street-level application.

Based in London, we work globally to help brands become more meaningful and relevant to consumers, by revealing the deeper cultural conditions that shape people’s responses to brands.

This semiotic intelligence enables you to take advantage of emergent cultural shifts, making your brand more distinctive and compelling, and capturing consumer attention.

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Latest thoughts...

Same Faces/Different Places: Foreign Brand Ambassadors

20 October 2017 | By Sign Salad

Walk into a luxury mall in East Asia, and you could be forgiven for momentarily forgetting where in the world you are. From Keira Knightley wearing Chanel (in Japan) to… Read more >

Translating tales for the screen: The Handmaid’s Tale and today’s self-aware spectator

20 October 2017 | By Sign Salad

From passive viewers to active spectators We watch TV today differently than ever before – for a start, many of us aren’t watching it on a TV at all. The Handmaid’s… Read more >

Translation, Fidelity and Exoticism – Crossing Boundaries with Global Brands

20 October 2017 | By Sign Salad

The more things stay the same, the more they change At their heart, great brands are ideas – a thought made real in the material goods of consumer culture. But… Read more >