Making Brands Meaningful.

Sign Salad is a semiotics and cultural insight agency offering high-level thinking for street-level application.

Based in London, we work globally to help brands become more meaningful and relevant to consumers, by revealing the deeper cultural conditions that shape people’s responses to brands.

This semiotic intelligence enables you to take advantage of emergent cultural shifts, making your brand more distinctive and compelling, and capturing consumer attention.

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Latest thoughts...

Sign Salad Loves: October 2016

4 October 2016 | By Sign Salad

What we’ve been reading in the signs over the last month*… Wired advocates for banning small talk. Where would we be without the weather, that classic staple of British phatic… Read more >

Sign Salad Loves: September 2016

13 September 2016 | By Sign Salad

What we’ve been reading in the signs over the last month… Amy Adams digs into the field of xenolinguistics in the trailer for the forthcoming Arrival. The Atlantic investigates the… Read more >

“Hi, I’m Yoga”: How culture decides just what’s in a name

23 August 2016 | By Sign Salad

Ask a young urban professional in China for their name, and you might come away astounded. ‘Fish Leong, ‘Dodo Chen’, ‘Rainie Yang and ‘Alien Huang’— these are some of the… Read more >