Making Brands Meaningful.

Sign Salad is a semiotics and cultural insight agency offering high-level thinking for street-level application.

Based in London, we work globally to help brands become more meaningful and relevant to consumers, by revealing the deeper cultural conditions that shape people’s responses to brands.

This semiotic intelligence enables you to take advantage of emergent cultural shifts, making your brand more distinctive and compelling, and capturing consumer attention.

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Latest thoughts...

Untangling the Cultural Meaning of Hair

15 February 2017 | By Sign Salad

Hair is political lingo. From the flower power flat-iron, to North Korea’s TV show “Let’s trim our hair in accordance with the communist lifestyle”, haircuts are a way of expressing… Read more >

Sign Salad Loves: February 2017

2 February 2017 | By Sign Salad
Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 11.56.21

As another calendar page turns, it’s time for our round-up of key stories & semiotic insights we’ve been reading in the signs over the last month… We’re eagerly excited by the momentum… Read more >

Branding Artificial Intelligence: what’s pop culture got to do with it?

12 January 2017 | By Sign Salad

“Thinking is a human feature. Will AI someday really think? That’s like asking if submarines swim. If you call it swimming then robots will think, yes.” ― Noam Chomsky Artificial intelligence… Read more >