Our products

We offer a number of semiotic applications to meet a broad range of brand challenges.

Sketch of Vitruvian Man

Thought-starter semiotics

A limited-scope investigation designed to provide ideas and inspiration rather than refined analysis. Quick turnaround.

Perfect for…

  • Pre-pitch differentiation for agencies
  • Feedback on creative routes for ad agencies
  • Ideation and stimulus generation at early stages of a project
  • Plug-in consumer insight for qual research agencies

The Gallery of Cornelis van der Geest

Tailor-made semiotics

In-depth, bespoke reports to understand brand challenges in the cultural context that surrounds them and provide definitive, actionable brand and business recommendations.

We offer…

Cultural analysis:

  • Cultural Mythology: Cultural context insight for strategic brand positioning and innovation
  • Demographic Dive: Insight into different social, ethnic and age groups to understand and identify the key narratives, signs and language to communicate with cultural relevance to different sets of consumers e.g. how do Boomers differ from Gen Y?
  • Collage Contexts: Analysing consumer-generated collages to discover how self-selected imagery reveals the unconscious deeper motivations and attitudes behind what is being said in groups

Category analysis:

  • Category Context: Analysis and insight on how a client’s brand and its competitive set signal their meaning and narrative to consumers through the use of signs, symbols, images and language particular to each brand and to the category as a whole
  • Store Semiotics: Insight and recommendations on store design and point of sale to ensure brand coherence and cultural relevance
  • Experiential Semiotics: Focus on the meaning of consumers’ multi-sensory brand experiences e.g. sonic and olfactory semiotics
  • Immersion Insight: Cultural detective insight on store interiors, point of sale and consumer behaviour accompanying a member of the brand team on a ‘retail safari’
  • Discourse Analysis: Recommendations on culturally sensitive language and tone of voice to use in copy on pack, in comms and online to communicate emotional and functional benefits clearly and effectively

Brand analysis:

  • Semiotic Toolkit: Guidelines for new product, packaging or campaign development
  • Brand Voice Coaching: Recommendations on visual identity or tone of voice
  • Brand Badging: Culturally sensitive name generation as part of NPD
  • Workshops: We offer a range of workshop products to suit all needs – from a full day workshop introducing semiotics to the uninitiated including a variety of interactive sessions, through to participation in client or agency-led workshops providing bespoke sessions, and also participation in ideation workshops or short brainstorms offering a semiotic point of view

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