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Beauty and the Bots


Where does ‘Real’ Beauty meet Artificial Tech? It was only a few years ago that we were accustomed, if reluctantly, to being surrounded by deceptive images of women in advertising…. Read more >

Sign Salad Loves: May 2016


What we’ve been reading in the signs over the last month… Japanese letting agent Suumo teams up with the hermit crab to prove their credentials as finders of the perfect… Read more >

Should Christmas Ads be Cynical or Sentimental?

Our CEO Alex Gordon gives a fascinating semiotic insight into the Christmas ads of 2015, decoding the fundamental role of the ‘crisis narrative,’ in discussion with Canvas8: read the article here…. Read more >

Fashion’s Semiotic Night Out

Vogue's FNO map

In London’s commercial topography, Regent Street forms a border between the debauched voyeuristic gratification of Soho, and the elite Mayfair hemisphere. Many 19th century voices protested John Nash’s gleaming, Portland stucco… Read more >

Semiotics of the Office Space


“If you want your staff to live and breathe the values and ideals that your brand stands for then you have to create an environment that reflects those brand values….. Read more >

Accessories to the Facts: Semiotics of Handbags


Libertine, a new lifestyle magazine for widely interested women, have featured a piece by Sign Salad semiotician Sandra Mardin on the cultural history of handbags and what they have signified throughout the decades…. Read more >

When Sex Sells in Supermarkets

grey 2

It is mainly consumerism, rather than the hippie movement that massively contributed to the sexual revolution of the 1960’s. In fact, the “sex sells” truism has been attributed to Hugh… Read more >

The Meaning of Birthdays in the Age of Social Networking


Birthdays are semiotically rich territory – balloons stuck to the front door, a cake with candles, singing happy birthday, making a wish. But how has the digital age affected the… Read more >

5 is a magic number


Sign Salad has reached five years of age. Why do we all see a fifth anniversary as more important than the second, third, sixth or seventh? One reason is it… Read more >

Shaping Your Behavior: How Shapes Can Shape the Mind


It’s not unknown to have the odd alcoholic beverage on one’s birthday but how much we drink may not be entirely down to how celebratory we’re feeling. Apparently there are… Read more >