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Fashion’s Semiotic Night Out

Vogue's FNO map

In London’s commercial topography, Regent Street forms a border between the debauched voyeuristic gratification of Soho, and the elite Mayfair hemisphere. Many 19th century voices protested John Nash’s gleaming, Portland stucco… Read more >

Accessories to the Facts: Semiotics of Handbags


Libertine, a new lifestyle magazine for widely interested women, have featured a piece by Sign Salad semiotician Sandra Mardin on the cultural history of handbags and what they have signified throughout the decades…. Read more >

Colour is everything


Like many people these days I have taken to wearing a black balaclava when out and about. Walking into my bank to draw out some money over the counter, buying… Read more >

The origin of clothes


Clothes are an integral part of human life. You might imagine that we first began using clothes for utilitarian purposes. Picture a caveman in winter skinning a very put-out deer… Read more >