Sign Salad Loves: April 2017

3 April 2017 | By Sign Salad

As another calendar page turns, it’s time for our round-up of key stories & semiotic insights we’ve been reading in the signs over the last month…

Pic 1

  • Marsh & Parsons controversial ad symbolizing outmoded gender roles becomes, equally, a symbol of the power of the audience to #unstereotype the advertising landscape

Pic 2

  • Progressive change exists alongside conservatism, with the gender bending activism of Chinese ‘boy band’ FFC-Acrush, a group “advocating freedom, not bound by frames”

Pic 3

  • Nabokov’s Favourite word is Mauve brings big data analysis to the literary sphere, revealing some interesting distinctions between male and female writers, and the key attributes of a literary classic.

Pic 4

  • In Hungary, the problematic connotations of Heineken’s famous red star logo have stimulated discussion around whether the logo should be banned

Pic 5

  • And finally, the mystery surrounding the semiotics of retirement in the ‘kabuki theatre of the Rust Belt’ as the Undertaker walks out of the WWE, leaving his iconic hat and trench coat resting in the centre of the ring.

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