This’ll Put Hers on Your Chest

24 May 2013 | By Sign Salad

Is alcohol gendered? It’s certainly the case that the majority of advertising is masculine in character, but certain drinks are decidedly more macho than others.

Beer is the obvious example, with decades of unabashedly laddish commercials from the likes of Fosters. In the spirits category it is probably true to say that whisky is the most testosterone powered. From the clannish warrior nobility of Scotch to the good ole’ boys’ country bravado of American Bourbons and Tennessee whiskeys, whisky is the drink most synonymous with something that will ‘put hairs on your chest’.

Interesting then in the wake of the passing of political uber-bruiser Margaret Thatcher to recall that her favourite tipple was Bell’s whisky and soda. Pure coincidence? Maybe. But the well-known fact that Winston Churchill’s idea of breakfast was whisky and a cigar may have made the association too delicious for her to resist. And to know that David Cameron has also (accidentally?) publicised his taste for Bruichladdich Organic single malt from the island of Islay could speak volumes about not only his desire to emulate his political heroes, but to engage in a spot of auto-butching-up.


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