Sweet Shoppe at London Design Festival

20 September 2011 | By Andrea
Sweet Shoppe

As part of the London Design Festival, Sign Salad has partnered with trend forecasting consultancy The Future Laboratory to create Sweet Shoppe – a creative, collaborative, interactive event where visitors can experience the future of retail. Behind a magic door you will find a hyper-real, personalised, tech-enabled installation that will allow you to see, smell, touch and taste the future of in-store consumer experiences.

Essentially Sweet Shoppe exposes the ways in which retailers can employ both online personal information about the individual visitor and combine that knowledge with choices made in the store/theatre moment, to create specific ideal products uniquely relevant to the character and personality of the individual consumer.

For Sweet Shoppe, Sign Salad offered semiotic insights to enable appropriate selection of chosen objects that represented the identities at the heart of the experience – objects representing ‘craft lux’, ‘scientific’ or ‘revivalist’ identities, and those representing ‘factual’, ‘storytelling’ and ‘peer-to-peer’ identities. In this way, it is possible to characterise the personality of the customer, according to which objects he or she chooses during the experience. These semiotically influenced choices lead to the creation of the ideal sweet for that individual customer.

A curated personal experience, Sweet Shoppe is now open and will continue until Friday 30th September. Sweet Shoppe is an appointment-only experience. Book your appointment with the Shoppe-keeper by emailing shoppekeeper@thefuturelaboratory.com or calling +44 (0)20 7186 0770.

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