Semiotics training day at the AQR

21 September 2011 | By Alex
AQR semiotics training day

Sign Salad is going to be running an applied semiotics training day in partnership with the AQR on the 16th November in central London. This will include both an introduction to the theory and practice of commercial semiotics (with lots of case studies) and a range of interactive semiotic exercises designed to bring the methodology to life and demonstrate its actionable power. To book places and for more information please contact the AQR directly on +44 (0)1480 407 227 or visit

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    This is great, I am loving the prezi actiisebilscy to the conceptual landscape here. Looking at the y-person model this time, I am realising how much of the conscious and sub-conscious aspects of the person’ are conditioned not only by genetic influences but also by memetic influences. As this model gets built out, it will be interesting and indeed necessary to make explicit this aspect of the person. I am very excited to be engaging this material, and thank you for all the preparations you have all done to make the ideas so accessible and compelling.

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