Why semiotics?

Five BIG commercial reasons for using semiotics:

  1. Consistency and clarity of messages
  2. Distinctiveness vs. competition
  3. Relevance to your target
  4. Understand key cultural drivers for consumer behaviour and opinion
  5. Future-facing

“Social psychologists told us that drivers don’t register motorcycles on the road. Qualitative research told us that there was strong antagonism between motorists and bikers. But a semiotic study by Sign Salad delivered the breakthrough insight that allowed us to move beyond the problem to a creative solution. This insight led us to concentrate our efforts on presenting the human behind the motorcyclist’s visor and the result was the extremely successful and popular ‘Think Bike. Think Biker’ campaign.”
– Fiona Seymour, Head of Marketing, Department for Transport

“Sign Salad have been a pleasure to work with on this considerable project. They clearly articulated a plan that could meet our complex objectives despite the project being of a non-standard nature. They formulated clear guidelines on stimulus requirements, timings and costs for ease of project management. At all times during the project I was kept informed of any decisions impacting costs or timings and they were able to deliver the project earlier than planned, to meet business needs and co-ordinate with the concurrent segmentation project. The brand and innovation teams have been delighted with the findings, putting them to immediate use.”
– Yvette Smith, Research Manager, Molson Coors UK

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