Case studies
T-Mobile, ‘Life’s for Sharing’

Semiotic analysis of how the cultural meaning of ‘sharing’ in the UK was changing from traditional small groups of friends to emergent mass groups of strangers, leading to new brand positioning and award-winning campaign.

What was the challenge? Underdog mobile network wanted to bring its new brand positioning ‘Life’s for Sharing’ to life in a culturally meaningful way, and make its brand stand out from competitor network providers.

What did we do? We analysed network provider comms, identifying the existing coding of sharing as exclusive, and the broader cultural context of sharing in the UK, identifying a cultural shift to sharing as inclusive:

Exclusive vs. inclusive sharing

– Dominant: Exclusive sharing coded as practical, limited, predictable exchange between closed groups of family and friends

– Emergent: Inclusive sharing coded as emotional, unlimited, surprising exchange between mass groups of strangers

Where did it lead? T-Mobile created its ‘Life’s for Sharing’ campaign with the very successful Liverpool Street Station ‘Dance’ execution, directly drawing on our recommendations.