In the press

In the press

Articles by us

The Semiotics of Marmite & Aviva (PDF)
Admap (March 2014)

The New Semiotics of Death (PDF)
AQR [indepth] (March 2014)

The Consumption of Fun (Link)
CMO (August 2013)

Ruptured reality (PDF)
Marketing Magazine (July 2013)

Accessories to the facts: Semiotics of Handbags (PDF)
Libertine (Spring 2013)

EatWith: social dining experiences (PDF)
Canvas 8 (2 April 2013)

A taste of authenticity: Wahaca’s grasshopper fondue (PDF)
Canvas8 (25 March 2013)

How Selfridges made noise about being quiet (PDF)
Canvas8 (18 January 2013)

Signs and wonders: how and why semiotics adds value to trademark design and protection (PDF)
World Trademark Review, Issue 41 (February/March 2013)

‘Christmas codes: advertising at the end of the year’ (PDF)
Canvas8 (21 December 2012)

‘Diesel YUK relaunch: promoting ‘pre-internet’ experiences’ (PDF)
Canvas8 (12 December 2012)

‘Ringing the Changes: The Royal Wedding and Britishness’ (PDF)
Canvas8 (12 May 2011)

‘The Significance of the Olympics’ (PDF)
Canvas8 (3 March 2011)

‘Managing Meaning: A Semiotic Case Study’ (PDF)
Canvas8 (6 October 2010)

‘Order and Colour: Uniqlo as Psychic Restorer’ (PDF)
Canvas8 (2 June 2010)

‘Political Branding’ (PDF)
Canvas8 (6 May 2010)

‘The Psychology of Enchantment’ (PDF)
Canvas8 (23 December 2009)

‘Cartoon Adults: What Graphic Novels Tell Us About Consumer Identity’ (PDF)
Canvas8 (20 August 2009)

‘From “Me” to “Wii”’ (PDF)
Canvas8 (24 March 2009)

‘When is a Chair Not a Chair?’ (PDF)
Internationalist (December 2008)

‘Signs and Wonders: The Transformative Power of International Semiotics’ (PDF)
(White paper, March 2007)

Media appearances

Dr Alex Gordon on ‘Selling what it means to be British…’ (Link to PDF)

‘The Insight Economy’ Raconteur Media / The Times (September 2016)

Andrea Basunti speaking at the ‘Marketing that Sells’ conference in Bratislava (YouTube)
‘Marketing that Sells’ Conference, Bratislava (8th October 2013)

Dr Alex Gordon on the marketing of stem cell burgers (MP4)
BBC World News

Re-branding of News International
The Breakfast Show, BBC Radio 5 Live (26 June 2013)

Workplaces Worth Paying For: Dr Alex Gordon on the semiotics of office space (YouTube)
Overbury (24 April 2013)

‘Global with Jon Sopel’: Dr Alex Gordon discusses the branding of the Catholic Church (MP4)
BBC World (25th Feb 2013)

Ad Research 2012 preview: Dr Alex Gordon on the USP of semiotics (M4V)
The Warc Blog (07 September 2012)

Are Prince Harry’s antics a liability to the British Monarchy or not? (MP3)
The World Tonight, BBC Radio 4 (22 August 2012)

Australia’s ban on branded cigarette packaging (M4V)
BBC World News (15 August 2012)

Cadbury Kraft takeover (MP3)
You & Yours, BBC Radio 4 (26 January 2010)

Gordon Brown’s rebranding (MP3)
Newshour, BBC World Service (7 June 2009)

Westfield opening (MP3)
BBC World Service (30 October 2008)

‘Man with a Plan: Blast from Past?’ (PDF)
BBC News website (2 October 2008)

Tibet and the UK (MP3)
The World Tonight, BBC Radio 4 (21 May 2008)

Articles about us

‘The New Law of Average’ (PDF)
Marketing Week (September 2013)

‘Signs, symbols and codes’ (PDF)
AQR In Brief (January 2012)

Alex Gordon interview (PDF) and video (M4V)
LS:N (November 2011)

‘Muito além do nome e do símbolo’ (PDF)
FHOX (August 2011)

‘Kültür dedektifleri “semiyotikçi”ler işbaşında’ (PDF)
Marketing Türkiye (1 February 2008)

‘Working Lives’ (PDF)
BA Business Life (November 2007)